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No different than your car; a primary home, second home, commercial building, or investment properties, must be maintained to protect not only their future value, but also to perform as its intended use. A planned relaxing weekend at the coast can quickly turn into a stressful and financial burden when you discover the a/c is not working due to a stopped up drain pan. It is discovered that the electrician while replacing a recess ceiling light, moves insulation out of his way and conveniently places it in the a/c overflow pan, thus stopping up the drain. While there are numerous reliable subcontractors in their field of expertise, one of the common discoveries is one contractor causing issues with another. I see this time and time again.

A maintenance inspection is a thorough visual examination of a structure and its vital components.

Items such as foundations, roof and attic, exterior sealants, electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling, are all part of this intensive examination. The goal of the maintenance inspection is not limited to finding existing problems, but to also identify potentially damaging deficiencies that may lead to large repairs and expense. Water leaks from several sources can create damage for long periods of time before ever being discovered. Water is very similar to an internal cancer; it eats away at working parts for years, and too often is uncovered when it is too late. Safety precautions and hazards are also of high priority.